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Doesn't check unmutated code passes unit tests before heckling #14

agrimm opened this Issue April 21, 2013 · 1 comment

2 participants

Andrew Grimm pete higgins
Andrew Grimm

Heckle currently isn't checking that your unmutated code passes its unit tests before it starts mutating the code.

It should be giving me the "Initial run of tests failed... fix and run heckle again" message.

I wasn't passing --force to the code, which'd allow this behavior:

{:force=>false, :nodes=>[:call, :cvasgn, :dasgn, :dasgn_curr, :false, :gasgn, :iasgn, :if, :iter, :lasgn, :lit, :str, :true, :until, :while], :debug=>true, :focus=>false, :timeout=>5, :test_pattern=>"test/tc_statistics_aggregator_display.rb"}
pete higgins

This is something I removed with the intention of putting it back before a 2.0 release. This is definitely a requirement.

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