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rake docs doesn't works on my linux machine. It is trying to execute:
/home/michel/.gem/ruby/1.9.1/bin/rdoc19 --title seattlerb's hoe-3.0.6 Documentation -o doc --main README.txt lib History.txt Manifest.txt README.txt

As you can see, the ' char is confusing bash. Seems like the function make_rdoc_cmd (lib/hoe/publish.rb:188) is causing this.

Beside that, the "Gem.bin_wrapper" has a wrong behavior. It is returning "/home/michel/.gem/ruby/1.9.1/bin/rdoc19", but it should be "/usr/bin/rdoc19". Seems like it always returns what should be the user's bin path instead of where the "binary" really is.

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I'd need to see output of the error to confirm. I'm using sh with an array of args so I don't see how ' is causing problems.

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No response...

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No response. closing.

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I had another look at this and it looks like the real culprit here is the use of Gem.bin_wrapper. On Gentoo that points to a path that usually won't work. I don't think you can depend on this to point to the right thing since it may be manipulated by both the operating_system.rb and engine.rb defaults files in rubygems.

Why are you using that and what are you trying to accomplish with it?

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