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Remove minitest-rg as it appears abandonded. (nextmat)

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commit b820825e07d0c852712d3f34faf07013ef4c9f54 1 parent 93b3f53
@zenspider zenspider authored
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5 README.txt
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ Given that you'd like to test the following class:
def test_that_it_will_not_blend
refute_match /^no/i, @meme.will_it_blend?
def test_that_will_be_skipped
skip "test this later"
@@ -319,7 +319,6 @@ minitest-predicates :: Adds support for .predicate? methods
minitest-rails :: MiniTest integration for Rails 3.x
minitest-rails-capybara :: Capybara integration for MiniTest::Rails
minitest-reporters :: Create customizable MiniTest output formats
-minitest-rg :: redgreen minitest
minitest-should_syntax :: RSpec-style +x.should == y+ assertions for MiniTest
minitest-shouldify :: Adding all manner of shoulds to MiniTest (bad idea)
minitest-spec-magic :: Minitest::Spec extensions for Rails and beyond
@@ -372,7 +371,7 @@ the gem, but you'll need to activate the gem explicitly to use it:
require 'rubygems'
gem 'minitest' # ensures you're using the gem, and not the built in MT
require 'minitest/autorun'
# ... usual testing stuffs ...
DO NOTE: There is a serious problem with the way that ruby 1.9/2.0

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FWIW, I took it over and got it working again.

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