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Commits on Apr 30, 2013
  1. Ryan Davis

    I'm not sold on this... but don't declare minitest as a dependency if…

    zenspider authored
    … MT_NO_ISOLATE defined in env. Helps with cross project testing against unpublished versions
    [git-p4: depot-paths = "//src/minitest/dev/": change = 8471]
Commits on Apr 25, 2013
  1. Ryan Davis

    Oh god... here we go.

    zenspider authored
    Minitest 5:
    Deaths in the family:
    ! MiniTest.runner is dead. No more manager objects.
    ! MiniTest::Unit#record is dead. Use a Reporter instance instead.
    ! MiniTest::Unit._run_* is dead. Runnable things are responsible for their own runs.
    ! MiniTest::Unit.output is dead. No more centralized IO.
    Major (oft incompatible) changes:
    ! Renamed MiniTest to Minitest. Your pinkies will thank me.
    ! Removed MiniTest::Unit entirely. No more manager objects.
    ! Added Minitest::Runnable. Everything minitest can run subclasses this.
    ! Renamed MiniTest::Unit::TestCase to Minitest::Test (subclassing Runnable).
    ! Added Minitest::Benchmark.
      ! Your benchmarks need to move to their own subclass.
      ! Benchmarks using the spec DSL have to have "Bench" somewhere in their describe.
    ! MiniTest::Unit.after_tests moved to Minitest.after_tests
    ! MiniTest::Unit.autorun is now Minitest.autorun. Just require minitest/autorun pls.
    ! Removed ParallelEach#grep since it isn't used anywhere.
    Minor moves:
    + Moved Assertions module to minitest/assertions.rb
    + Moved Expectations module to minitest/expectations.rb
    + Moved Test to minitest/test.rb
    + Moved everything else in minitest/unit.rb to minitest.rb
    + minitest/unit.rb is now just a small (user-test only) compatibility layer.
    + Added a plugin system that can extend command-line options.
    + Added Minitest.extensions.
    + Added Minitest.reporter (only available during startup).
    + Added This is the very top of any Minitest run.
    + Added Minitest::Reporter. Everything minitest can report goes through here.
      + Minitest.reporter is a composite so you can add your own.
    + Added Minitest::CompositeReporter. Much easier to extend with your own reporters.
    + Added UnexpectedError, an Assertion subclass, to wrap up errors.
    + Minitest::Test#run is now freakin' beautiful. 47 -> 17 loc
    + Removed Object.infect_with_assertions (it was already dead code).
    + Runnables are responsible for knowing their result_code (eg "." or "F").
    [git-p4: depot-paths = "//src/minitest/dev/": change = 8451]
Commits on Dec 7, 2011
  1. Ryan Davis

    + Holy crap! 100% doco! `rdoc -C` ftw

    zenspider authored
    [git-p4: depot-paths = "//src/minitest/dev/": change = 6786]
Commits on Oct 17, 2011
  1. Ryan Davis

    - Force gem activation in hoe minitest plugin

    zenspider authored
    [git-p4: depot-paths = "//src/minitest/dev/": change = 6708]
Commits on Jun 23, 2011
  1. Ryan Davis

    - Fixed minitest hoe plugin to be a spermy dep and not depend on itself

    zenspider authored
    [git-p4: depot-paths = "//src/minitest/dev/": change = 6358]
Commits on May 30, 2011
  1. Ryan Davis

    + Moved minitest hoe-plugin from hoe-seattlerb. (erikh)

    zenspider authored
    [git-p4: depot-paths = "//src/minitest/dev/": change = 6271]
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