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As you may be aware, open4 doesn't work on jruby, because it uses fork which isn't JVM friendly.

I am able to get jruby 1.6.x working by adding an alternative implementation of which uses jruby's popen3. This is done by way of selective mixin of new Open3 or Open4 modules. Details of how this works in jruby is commented in open3.rb.


Hi, could I get any feedback on this? Concerns? Prefer it done a different way? Thanks.


I am facing the same issue with jruby

I saw another solution from almost 3 years ago from jdamick using the Java ProcessBuilder (

Any feedbacks would be great :)



If it helps you @mazhout or anyone reading this, if you are using Bundler with your deployment Rakefile, you can reference a working patched rake-remote_task via the following in your Gemfile:

gem 'rake-remote_task',
    :git => 'git://',
    :tag => 'v2.0.6-jruby.1'

I'll keep these tags around, or fork your own.


Thanks for the patch ;)

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Sorry. I'm not too interested in doing multi-platform support on this. Releasing using mri seems like a fair compromise. I'm going to close this.

@zenspider zenspider closed this Mar 28, 2016
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