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Proposal: Introduce RubyParser::ParseFailure exception #54

brynary opened this Issue · 5 comments

2 participants

Bryan Helmkamp Ryan Davis
Bryan Helmkamp

Right now in Code Climate I have to rescue all of the following exceptions when I parse:


What do you think of creating a contract where RubyParser raises a RubyParser::ParseFailure if it cannot parse?

Ryan Davis

HAHAHA... what's wrong with that huge list? :P

RegexpError is probably real and I think I just added something to the 1.9 parser that'll handle it.

TypeError? ArgumentError? I'd be interested in seeing a repro on those. Prolly my fault.

I'm sure I'm inconsistent on RuntimeError vs SyntaxError. Racc::ParseError should be folded up with those two.

Ryan Davis


Bryan Helmkamp

When you say RegexpError is real do you mean that it's a legit error that RP may raise, or that it's a bug that RP should catch it and deal with it? (I think you mean the latter.)

Going to take some time for me to get a repro for TypeError and ArgumentError, unfortunately. I did a quick rescue bandaid I need to revisit.

Rolling Racc::ParseError up sounds good. I always found SyntaxError to be an odd thing to throw because it's not a StandardError. So rescue won't catch it by default. As first cut, I'd advocate always raising a RubyParser::SyntaxError which inherits from StandardError rather than a ::SyntaxError or RuntimeError (which I generally prefer reserving for just raise "foo" cases)



Ryan Davis

RegexpError being real means I probably fucked up and it should be reported. Same with TypeError and ArgumentError.

I'm cool with namespacing everything else. I'm gonna leave my "no" exceptions alone because frankly they shouldn't exist and are only there for bug hunting. SyntaxError should totally move over.

Ryan Davis

I believe I've done 90+% of this by switching to RubyParser::SyntaxError. If you see something get past that, it's prolly a bug.

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