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RuntimeError: no block_args19 #64

brynary opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants

Bryan Helmkamp Ryan Davis
Bryan Helmkamp

This looks like it may be a known issue, but I didn't see a GitHub issue tracking it...

>>"lambda {|x,y=false| puts x}")
RuntimeError: no block_args19 3 [s(:args, :x), ",", s(:lasgn, :y, s(:false)), nil]
Ryan Davis

yeah. I have a commented out failing test that I'm building up the nerve to deal with. :P

Ryan Davis

This should all be handled with my latest commits.

>>"lambda {|x,y=false| puts x}")
=> s(:iter, s(:call, nil, :lambda), s(:args, :x, s(:lasgn, :y, s(:false))), s(:call, nil, :puts, s(:lvar, :x)))
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