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=== / 2012-11-09
* 1 bug fix:
* I'm an idiot. Fixed the dependencies to use RP 3.x and SP 4.x
=== / 2012-11-09
* 5 minor enhancements:
* Added TypeChecker methods: rewrite_attrasgn, rewrite_call, rewrite_defn to reverse structural changes in ruby_parser 3.x.
* Added new 1.9 tests from PTTC to skip list
* Added new test case data for new 1.8 based tests
* Added process_arglist_plain and hooked it up with process_iter to deal with new block sexps.
* Renames for ruby_parser namespace changes
* 4 bug fixes:
* Environment moved in ruby_parser. Got tests running again.
* Fixed all tests broken by 1.8/1.9 split in pt_testcase.rb.
* Removed unused variables listed in 1.9 warnings
* Spastic monkey is spastic
=== / 2009-08-18
* 1 bug fix:
* Removed unnecessary require on unified_ruby
=== / 2009-06-23
* 1 major enhancement:
* Switched from ParseTree to ruby_parser for 1.9 compatibility. woo.
* All translate/process methods are gone since we can't reflect at runtime.
* 43 minor enhancements:
* Added IterRewriter for finding free variables in iter nodes.
* Added dxstr.
* Added lots of new and missing tests
* Added not, array, lit_long_negative, lit_range[23], lit_regexp{_n,_once}, lit_sym{,_splat}
* Added pct_w tests
* Added process_defx to ruby_to_ansi_c.rb
* Added test data for array_pct_W, array_pct_W_dstr, attrasgn_index_equals, attrasgn_index_equals_space, and attrset.
* Added tests for "and". PONG to eric
* Added to_ary and masgn for TypeChecker.
* Added xstr support.
* Added yield(*ary)
* Cleaned up rewriter.rb and made changes for pt_testcase.rb
* Cleaned up some free_vars processing code.
* Converted everything to new enhanced PTTC test scheme.
* Enhanced with_scope to allow for static arrays.
* Extended Environment to separately store both types and values.
* Extern methods to support rb_iterate, including #each and #each_with_index.
* Free var static declarations for C layers.
* Merged IterRewriter into CRewriter and make typed.
* Migrated as much out of rewriter as possible.
* Modernized via hoe.
* Moved to full PTTC + UnifiedRuby.
* Pulled dstr up from ZenObfuscator.
* Pulled up tests, process_args, with_scope, and process_scope from obfuscator
* Pushed unique.rb up to PT
* Removed Environment methods that pushed up to ruby_parser.
* Removed Sexp#sexp_type
* Removed accessor, accessor_equals since they don't exist in PTTC.
* Removed bin/*
* Removed dead test
* Removed redundant defn_lvar_boundary, but added call to lvar_def_boundary.
* Renamed blocks to extra_methods in ruby_to_ruby_c.
* Renamed environment.rb to r2cenvironment.rb (incl tests)
* Renamed iter_functions to extra_methods in crewriter.
* Reordered so RubyToRubyC was always after RubyToAnsiC.
* Some optimizations cleaning up Type#method_missing. Drops test time ~30%.
* Split rewriter.rb to crewriter.rb (and renamed class to CRewriter).
* Split up and deleted support.rb (and tests).
* Switched from makefile to rakefile.
* Switched to minitest
* Test or node.
* Track and trigger changes on pt_testcase.rb and r2ctestcase.rb
* Used Hoe#add_include_dirs to clean up rakefile.
* 12 bug fixes:
* Fix types in iter rewriting.
* Fix yield([42, 24])
* Fixed 1.9-isms.
* Fixed all rubygems loaders.
* Fixed dependencies on all tests.
* Fixed for new (incompatible?) Environment supplied by SexpProcessor
* Fixed incompatibility with new inline changes.
* Fixed requires on ruby_parser
* Fixed ruby2c to work with autotest.
* Fixed tests in r2ctestcase for all layers except the C layers.
* Fixed zentest dependency in rakefile
* Fixes for RAD, mostly renaming environment.rb to r2cenvironment.rb at this stage.
=== 1.0.0-beta-5 / 2006-05-12
* 6 minor enhancements:
* Split RubyToC to RubyToRubyC and RubyToAnsiC.
* Extended Environment to be more flexible for various situations.
* Removed propaganda (bloat) from release.
* Gemified and reorganized things. Support still needs splitting up.
* Flipped a lot of internal naming to use Unique.
* Added ruby_to_c_show (like parse_tree_show).
* 4 bug fixes:
* Use ivars instead of cvars so inheritance won't bugger the translator.
* Corrected unsupported node lists in pipeline.
* Fixed bugs for splat args, iters, optional args, method name map.
* Fixed many other bugs.
=== 1.0.0-beta-4 / 2005-07-13
* 1 minor enhancements:
* Added gemspec (hastily).
* 2 bug fixes:
* Translates bool type to VALUE since we were using Qtrue/Qfalse.
* Fixed rubygems for non-gem systems.
=== 1.0.0-beta-3 / 2005-06-08
* 16 minor enhancements:
* Added ivar and iasgn support. Needs more work.
* Added limited support for self.
* Added pipeline tests for bools, call_arglist, call_attrasgn, fbody.
* Added process_not to RubyToC.
* Added support for float and symbol literals.
* Added support for gasgn, cvasgn, const (class consts, not classes).
* Improved error handling/reporting, esp in RubyToC.
* In TypeChecker.boostrap, pre-registered all base classes.
* Modified process_class test to include a class const.
* Processing :class now adds class constants to the local var scope.
* Processing :const checks both genv and env now.
* Rearchitected all tests into a pipeline test class.
* Rewrite attrasgn into regular calls.
* Rewrite fbody into a regular defn.
* Rewrote :array inside call to :arglist.
* Rewrote :or nodes in process_case to correctly be binary.
* 1 bug fix:
* Fixed a bug where single line while bodies were missing a semicolon.
=== 1.0.0-beta-2 / 2005-02-15
* 1 minor enhancement:
* Added post-condition while/until support and tests.
* 4 bug fixes:
* Fixed bug:1422: Escape newlines to prevent multi-line strings in C.
* Fixed bug:1429: Arrays of strings are not being properly.
* Fixed bug:1447/1448: Readme file's website and added ParseTree dependency.
=== 1.0.0-beta-1 / 2005-02-01
* 1 major enhancements:
* Hit 80% non-error conversion threshold for public beta release.
* 3 minor enhancements:
* (Mostly) Filled out functionality in Rewriter and TypeChecker.
* Flushed out what we don't do in RubyToC.
* Wrote a ton of rdoc
=== 1.0.0-a2 / 2004-12-31
* 7 major enhancements:
* Alpha 2 released to private group for critique.
* Refactored and split out ParseTree package.
* Gemified dependency on ParseTree.
* Added iter rewriting
* Added post type inference rewriting specific to C library.
* Massive increase to the base we can translate.
* We have stabilized the architecture but still have a ways to go.
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Added propaganda (presentations).
* Much better test coverage, now with ZenTest compliant naming.
* 2 bug fixes:
* Gem-proofed makefile.
* Tons of little fixes we didn't bother to track.
=== 1.0.0-a1 / 2004-09-24
* 1 major enhancement:
* Birthday! Alpha 1 released to private group for critique.