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Aug 13, 2007

  1. Ryan Davis

    More perforce changes

    [git-p4: depot-paths = "//src/vlad/dev/": change = 3527]
    zenspider authored
  2. Ryan Davis

    Added Bradley Taylor to special thanks list.

    Got p4 and svn working to the same level. Waiting on Eric for start/stop
    Added a bunch of variables to perforce.rb
    Removed update cmd from both svn and p4.
    Added db to mkdir -p list on setup
    [git-p4: depot-paths = "//src/vlad/dev/": change = 3511]
    zenspider authored

Aug 08, 2007

  1. Ryan Davis

    Added thread local variable for current task so var procs work.

    [git-p4: depot-paths = "//src/vlad/dev/": change = 3472]
    zenspider authored
  2. Ryan Davis


    [git-p4: depot-paths = "//src/vlad/dev/": change = 3455]
    zenspider authored
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