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Question #33

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So when I use bundler based on the #30 and #32 I have to install the gem first (and do system update of rubygems). But

The biggest issue I use DM and the following dependencies appears
DataMapper => ParseTree => RubyInline => ZenTest

But I should not have to install ZenTest as I don t run test nor do I use it in any of my code. when I use other gem , they install their dependencies fine within bundler and the vendor path I specify. so what is so special about ZenTest that for bundler it also has to be installed first as a normal gem?


RubyInline uses ZenTest so it has a dependency on ZenTest.

@zenspider zenspider closed this

I know , I was showing your the full dependency path but why can't it all be within bundler?

when I use some other gems like httparty, it takes its own dependencies within bundler and I can package it and it works all fine without ever installing the gem prior . I can say

bundle install --path vendor , and all the gem go happily in there.... Not the case with ZenTest. So either Bundle does not work well with the gemspec or something about your gemspec is different?

I am trying to figure out wether your gem is causing a problem, or rubygem or bundler so I can file a defect to the appropriate one but to me it seems the issue is only with ZenTest so far...


Thanks! Do you mind sharing how you deploy gems in general (if you need offline/static deployment?) just curious because my experience with bundler is mixed and before I just used to install gem on a server but wonder what's your approach if you 2 different code based running on the same server without bundler


That makes sense. and you did answer my question then . thanks for your time!

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