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Prerequisites: Instructor


This section is intended for the workshop instructor. It outlines what the instructor should do to successfully execute this workshop.

This workshop is intended to be as 'hands-on' as possible. While some lecture and demonstration is necessary, the focus is on having participants spend the majority of their time working on using the skills demonstrated. As such, the workshop focuses on the following:

  • Short sections of lecture to elaborate on the what and the why
  • Short demos to show participants what to do and what to expect
  • Hands-on practice labs to enable participants to practice all the skills in a supportive environment
  • Side-saddle mentoring and question answering
  • Pair programming to enable participants to help each other
  • We strongly recommend the teaching practices suggested by Software Carpentry, including: sticky notes, minute cards, one up/one down, using their own machines, collaborative note taking, pair programming, and the peak rule

What to Do

This workshop is designed to take about 3-4 hours. It involves writing code in Python, installing and running it on a board running CircuitPython, and figuring out how to figure it out when it doesn't work as expected.

Before running the workshop, make sure you've personally written and run all the programs. Being familiar with the code and the board is vital to being able to answer questions participants may have.

Other pre-workshop reminders

  • Secure a location with a projector, tables, chairs, whiteboard, etc
    • Don't forget to reserve the room starting about an hour prior to the start of the session so you have time to confirm everything is working as expected
  • Advertise the session and process registrations, waitlist, etc
  • Plan for food and beverages (the workshop is roughly four hours in length)
  • Set up an online collaboration where participants can share resources, ideas, etc
  • Acquire supplies: post-it notes, pencils, markers, etc

At the venue

  • Set up the projector, tables, chairs
  • Pick up any food/beverages
  • Distribute post-it notes, pencils to each student
  • Time allowing, open the room as early as possible so that students can start preparing

Post workshop follow-up

  • Thank the attendees for their participation
  • Issue a post-workshop survey (i.e. using OR Google forms)
  • If you have suggestions OR found something that just doesn't work: submit an issue to the repo seawolf42/lessons OR
  • Better yet, work with your students to have them submit a Pull Request with suggestions or improvements


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