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Introduction to Circuit Python and the Circuit Playground Express

This is the entry point for my workshop on working with the Circuit Playground Express.


Welcome to the Introduction to the Circuit Playground Express Workshop. Participants are expected to walk away with enough knowledge to be able to use and program thier Circuit Playground Express or other similar [circuitpython]#TODO boards. The workshop has a mixture of hands-on exercises and lecture/demos, with the focus on hands-on activities.

Circuit Playground Express

What to expect

This workshop covers...

  • Installing software: basic installation of the tools you need to code the CPX board
  • Writing Programs: source code and full descriptions of several programs that demonstrate use of many of the inputs and outputs on the board, including the buttons, switch, capacitive touch sensors, thermometer, light sensor, and NeoPixels

What not to expect

This workshop does not cover...

  • Advanced programming techniques
  • Hands-on hooking up external hardware

There are many languages you can use to program the CPX board, but this class is specifically limited to Python.

Learning objectives

Participants should expect to achieve the following learning objectives upon completing this workshop:

  • TODO
  • TODO


Here's what attendees have had to say:

Excellent overview of how to work with the Circuit Playground Express. I feel confident playing iwth the other functions of the board.

... and:

This was totally fun and interesting, an area that I would not have considered prior to hearing about the class.

... and:

I really enjoyed the whole class. I like the progression of easy-to-hard code, to see all the capabilities.

... and:

Fun to make the lights blink!

Preparatory Lessons

The Course

Ready? Let's go!

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