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A set of Laravel Artisan commands to automate common tasks.
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PHP Artisan Powertools

A set of Laravel Artisan commands to automate common tasks.


Currently, installation must be done manually. Add the following to the composer.json in the root directory of your Laravel project:

    "repositories": [
            "type": "git",
            "url": ""

Then run:

composer require --dev sebj/php-artisan-powertools

Available Commands

This package adds the following commands to php artisan

  • make:crud
  • db:reseed
  • relate

It also adds a Blade directive:

  • @dd

Below are brief descriptions of each component. For more information please type php artisan help command.


Generates everything needed for a CRUD resource: model, controller, factory, seeder, migration, views. There is even an option to insert a Route::resource call in your routes\web.php file. Multiple model names can be specified to quickly generate the boilerplate for all your models.


Truncates all the tables in the database except migrations, and then calls php artisan db:seed. Useful if you have a lot of migrations and often call php artisan migrate:fresh --seed.


Generates the methods and migrations needed for the specified relation. For example:

php artisan relate User hasMany Post

This will add a hasMany method to \App\User, a belongsTo method to \App\Post, and a migration that adds a user_id column to the posts table.

relate accepts arguments in any order, always reading model names left-to-right. So this would also work:

php artisan relate hasMany User Post

This means you can alias the commands nicely. For example, I have them aliased to parho, parhm and parbtm.


Lets you use dd in blade templates. This is essentially just a shorthand of:

@php dd() @endphp

I find myself typing the above code often enough that it seems to warrant it's own directive.

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