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A website displaying student projects for The Browning School's Tech Expo 2019
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The Browning School Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

The Tech Expo is an annual event that showcases work from students throughout
Browning's Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) curriculum.

The 2019 Tech Expo Website

Student Projects

Listed below are all of the courses with projects displayed on this website. Each project was built by a student using either HTML/CSS, JavaScript, or a combination of the two, depending on the level of the course.


Copyright (c) 2019 The Browning School Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE). Built by Sebastian Rodriguez using the CSS library. Released under the MIT license.

This repository's license does not apply to the projects directory. Every program within the projects directory is the intellectual property of the student who created it. To use code from a project, please email the student for permission using (first initial)(last name), ex: Sebastian Rodriguez's email is If the student graduated, please use this form to contact the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

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