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A simple URL shortening service created using PHP.
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PHP URL Shortener

Build status MIT License

This simple PHP-based service converts URLs into short, redirected links on a custom top-level domain. It features an in-page alert system to notify the user upon a successful (or unsuccessful) URL shortening. The service also records the IP address of every user who successfully submits a short link, along with the short link's exact time of creation and how many clicks it has received.

Live Demo:

Getting Started

This service must be in your domain's root directory, and your web server must allow .htaccess file overrides.

Create the database

Create a MySQL database named surl and import the database.sql file.

Connect to the database

Open the assets/config.ini.php file and replace YOUR_USERNAME (line 7) and YOUR_PASSWORD (line 8) with your MySQL username and password.


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