R markdown workshop (Sept 18th 2018, 13h30-4pm, Institut de Recherche en Biologie Végétale)
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Atelier R markdown / R markdown workshop


S'il vout plait, remplissez ce formulaire si intéressé(e). Je vous recontacterai quelques jours avant l'atelier. / Please fill in this form if you are interested. I will contact you a few days in advance with details about location. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1HhB20IOW69GljjmXBoLvkhncICN74L0tRqeDRrgkQw8/edit

The workshop is intented for QCBS members and will be held September 27th, 2108 at the Institut de Recherche en Biologie Végétale (en français).

In this workshop, we will:
• Learn the basic idea being markdown, Rmarkdown and the R package knitr
• Create .html documents (webpages), containing text, executable R code, images, formulae, references, etc.
• Create .pdf or .docx documents that can be submitted as manuscripts, reports or formatted to the requirements of a specific scientific journal.
• Create a dynamic R page (R package shiny)
• Practice, hopefully learn some tricks and find out where to get more info about Rmarkdown.

Currently, the repo contains (note that I'm still working on preparing the workshop):
• Both the .Rmd and .html format for the main workshop intro (rmarkdown_main.Rmd and rmarkdown_main.html)
• The .Rmd and .html file for the second part of the workshop (rmarkdown_otherformats.Rmd and rmarkdown_otherformats.html)
• A figures directory with some example figures I loaded.
• A biblio directory with an example bibliography.
• A csl directory with some example .csl files.