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Layout-sensitive Generalized Parsing

External dependency

JSGLR layout requires the Spoofax term plugin (or any later version):

  • org.spoofax.terms_1.0.0.201212201448.jar

The plugin file is available in the root directory of the development branch.

Scope and motivation

The theory of context-free languages is well-understood and context-free parsers can be used as off-the-shelf tools in practice. In particular, to use a context-free parser framework, a user does not need to understand its internals but can specify a language declaratively as a grammar. However, many languages in practice are not context-free. One particularly important class of such languages is layout-sensitive languages, in which the structure of code depends on indentation and whitespace. For example, Python, Haskell, F#, and Markdown use indentation instead of curly braces to determine the block structure of code. Their parsers (and lexers) are not declaratively specified but hand-tuned to account for layout-sensitivity.

To support declarative specifications of layout-sensitive languages, we propose a parsing framework in which a user can annotate layout in a grammar as constraints on the relative positioning of tokens in the parsed subtrees. For example, a user can declare that a block consists of statements that all start on the same column. We have integrated layout constraints into SDF and implemented a layout-sensitive generalized parser as an extension of generalized LR parsing. We evaluate the correctness and performance of our parser by parsing 33290 open-source Haskell files. Layout-sensitive generalized parsing is easy to use, and its performance overhead compared to layout-insensitive parsing is small enough for most practical applications.

A full description of the design and implementation of layout-sensitive generalized parsing is available online as a paper draft.