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SaveTube is a browser user script for downloading videos from video websites.


Mozilla (Firefox, Seamonkey, IceWeasel, IceCat, TenFourFox etc):
== with Greasemonkey add-on:
== or with Scriptish add-on:

Chromium (or based on: Chrome, Iron etc):
== no add-on needed, save the script and drag & drop it on the extensions page
== or with Tampermonkey add-on:

== for versions <= 12 no add-on needed, just place the script in the JavaScript files directory
== or with Violentmonkey extension:
== or with Tampermonkey extension:

== for versions < 5.1 with GreaseKit add-on:
== for all versions (?) with NinjaKit add-on:
== as bookmarklet with Geekmonkey add-on:

== with KHTML-Userscript extension:

== with the Greasemonkey extension from Epiphany extensions

== with "User Addons" extension

== with the Greasemonkey plugin

== with SaveTube extention:
== or with Violentmonkey extension:
== or with Tampermonkey Chrome extension:

Internet Explorer:
== with IE7Pro extension:


-> Click 'Autoget' button to turn autoget on/off. If it's on, the video download will start when the video page is loaded or when a new video format is selected.

Definition (SD, HD etc):
-> Click this button to change the default video definition.

Container (MP4, WebM etc):
-> Click this button to change the default video container.

-> Click this button to enable/disable MPEG-DASH streams (video with audio) download. It requires an external application for muxing the audio and video streams, see