1 Million point computed on the CPU (Unity Svelto.Tasks example)
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Another show off of svelto.tasks multithreading capabilities. Melt down your CPU cores transforming 1 million particles on the CPU.This demo has been very useful to profile and tune Svelto.Tasks. Forked from the original Compute Shader version https://github.com/TaroTokui/MillionPoints. Now with unity jobs system comparison.

  • ComputeShadersKernel: original version
  • SveltoCPUKernel: Svelto CPU version
  • UnityJobsKernel: Unity jobs system version

Related article here: http://www.sebaslab.com/learning-svelto-tasks-example-million-points-example/

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Note: The folders Svelto.ECS, Svelto.Tasks and Svelto.Common, where present, are submodules pointing to the relavite repositories. If you find them empty, you need to update them through the submodule command. Check some instructions here: https://github.com/sebas77/Svelto.ECS.Vanilla.Example/wiki