Super simple wiki for django.
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Super simple pluggable wiki application for Django.


John Sutherland (

Taylor Mitchell (

Sebastián Magrí (




django-staticfiles (will be included in Django-1.3 as django.contrib.staticfiles)

You can install all required modules using pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Basic Usage

Add staticfiles (django.contrib.staticfiles if you're using Django>=1.3) and wiki to the INSTALLED_APPS tuple in your project's

For the default URL setup, add the following line to your root URLConf:

(r'^wiki/', include('wiki.urls')),

This will set up the following URL patterns:

  • /wiki will be the view to list all of the wiki pages.
  • /wiki/<name>/ will be the view for the latest revision of a wiki page. It has a url name of wiki-view-page.
  • /wiki/<name>/<rev> will be the view for a specific revision of a wiki page. It has a url name of wiki-view-revision.
  • /wiki/<name>/diff/<rev> will be the view for the diffs for a specific revision of a wiki page. It has a url name of wiki-view-diff.
  • /wiki/<name>/edit will be the view to edit a wiki page. It has a url name of wiki-edit-page.

The default wiki page name format is WikiWord. You can customize the naming convention if desired by adding your own regular expression to your like this:

WIKI_WORD = r'(?:[A-Z]+[a-z]+){2,}'

Add the staticfiles.context_processors.static context processor to your TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS. If you're using Django<=1.3 please read the official staticfiles tutorial on that topic.

Bug Reports/Feature Requests

Pop over to this app's project page on Github and check the issues list to see if it's already been reported. If not, open a new issue and I'll do my best to respond quickly.