Visualizing the German National Library (DNB) Data
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Visualizing the German National Library (DNB) Data

#DNB XML Parser

The DNB Api ( is not made for requesting the whole data stored in the GND. It is only build for synchronizing databases that already hold the same dataset. So you usually just request changes after date XY. Instead you need to download the whole database as an XML. For Person-Data this file is Tpgesamt1402gndmrc.xml. This file is about 10GB. So it is not that easy extracting the data and storing it in a e.g. SQL database for better retrieval.

Therefore i have create a php parser parser/parser.php that allows handling of really large XMLs. Inside the parser you can define the features you want to extract etc. It takes a couple hours to finish the job. You can setup a cron job or simply use your command line to call the parser:

for i in `seq 1 2000`; do curl URL/parser.php; done

#DNB Visualizations

##City city.php

This visualization allows the comparison of cities. The tool visualizes every person who was living in a city at a certain year. Furthermore the user can filter by job.

DNB Visualization

##Map map.php

This visualization shows the cities from the the visualization above on a map. The user can select a certain timeframe or switch between locations and persons.

DNB Visualization

##Person person.php

The last visualization allows the user to visualize a single person and the locations the person was living/working/... in during her lifetime. Furthermore the user can filter the data to only see persons with a job similar to the selected person.

DNB Visualization

An Demonstrator for the visualizations can be found on:

The data required to run the visualizations is available as a SQL Dump:

This project was part of the Coding Da Vinci - Hackathon:

The license doesn't apply for the libraries included in visualization/js/...