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PHP Survey Tool

The (PHP) Framework in this repository is a supplement to our paper, Faceted Views of Varying Emphasis (FaVVEs): a framework for visualising multi-perspective small multiples, to be published at EUROVIS 2016

Screenshot of the system in action

The code included in the framework is a simple system for running a user study. This repo includes all files necessary, including the sql files to create the database, which will hold the results of the study. Due to the disk space limitations of github, we had to store the visualizations on google drive. If you just want to use the system to run your own user study, no need to download them.

Survey development: Sebastian Meier

Visualization software development: Chris Rooney

Paper authors: Roger Beecham, Chris Rooney, Sebastian Meier, Jason Dykes, Aidan Slingsby, Cagatay Turkay, Jo Wood, William Wong