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DbUnit 1.3

This is the list of changes for the DbUnit 1.3 release series.


  • #76 #110 CompositeDataSet now behaves in a way consistent with its documentation when handling several data sets with the same table (jeunito)
  • #113 phpunit#1182 Multiple corrections have been made to the BankAccountDB sample code (dragonbe, elazar)
  • #117 Firebird support is now included in the PEAR package distribution (matheusd)
  • #118 Copyright years were bumped to 2014 (dmelo)
  • #125 Database connections using Dblib are now supported (exptom)
  • #122 XmlDataSet now emits an informative error message in the event of table and row column mismatches (Sicaine)
  • #114 Changes from 1.3.0 to address type checking of column values in matches() from AbstractTable and ReplacementTable (see #28 and #61) were modified to perform loose type checking on numeric values and to typecast SimpleXMLElement values to strings before performing comparisons (paulyg)
  • #112 TableFilter now overrides assertContainsRow() to invoke loadData() before calling the parent implementation (jodysimpson)


  • #82 Composer now allows for dev packages as the master branch requires PHPUnit >= 3.8.0 (whatthejeff)
  • #66 The dependency on the Symfony YAML library is now properly indicated in package.xml (elazar)
  • #54 Operation_RowBased->execute() now handles cases where PDO::ATTR_EMULATE_PREPARES is set to false (dexen)
  • #28 #61 matches() in AbstractTable and ReplacementTable now include type checking of column values
  • #88 getTable() and getTableMetaData() in DefaultTableIterator now properly return values (szicsu)
  • #81Operation_RowBased now performs significantly better for truncate-only tables (wakeless)
  • #78 TestCase->assertTableRowCount() now correctly calls getConnection() as an instance method rather than a static method (josefzamrzla)
  • #69 QueryTable now overrides assertContainsRow() to invoke loadData() before calling the parent implementation (jeunito)
  • #93 #95 AbstractTable now supports outputting table diffs (ptrofimov)
  • #67 #117 The Firebird database is now supported (matheusd)
  • #101 PostgreSQL primary keys now load correctly (danielek)
  • #103 Sqlite->getTableNames() no longer emits a notice when called on an empty database (neilime)
  • #104 #105 #106 YamlDataSet can now support YAML parsers other than the one from Symfony via the IYamlParser interface (yparghi)
  • #100 dbunit.php no longer references the deprecated singleton class PHP_CodeCoverage_Filter (elazar)
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