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PHP_CodeCoverage 1.2

This is the list of changes for the PHP_CodeCoverage 1.2 release series.

PHP_CodeCoverage 1.2.0

  • The new @coversDefaultClass annotation enables short @covers annotations when working with long class names or namespaces.
  • The new @coversNothing annotation can be used so tests do not record any code coverage. Useful for integration testing.
  • When processUncoveredFilesFromWhitelist=FALSE is set then files that are whitelisted and uncovered are now included in the code coverage but with all lines, including those that are not executable, counted as not executed.
  • The Finder component of the Symfony project is now used to find files.
  • PHP_CodeCoverage 1.2 is only supported on PHP 5.3.3 (or later) and PHP 5.4.0 (or later) is highly recommended.
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