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language: php
- 5.3
- 5.4
- mkdir -p vendor/SebastianBergmann
- git clone --branch=3.7 --depth=100 --quiet git:// vendor/phpunit
- git clone --branch=1.2 --depth=100 --quiet git:// vendor/phpunit-mock-objects
- git clone --branch=master --depth=100 --quiet git:// vendor/php-text-template
- git clone --branch=master --depth=100 --quiet git:// vendor/php-token-stream
- git clone --branch=master --depth=100 --quiet git:// vendor/php-file-iterator
- git clone --branch=master --depth=100 --quiet git:// vendor/php-timer
- git clone --branch=master --depth=100 --quiet git:// vendor/version
- ln -s ~/builds/sebastianbergmann/php-code-coverage/vendor/version/src ~/builds/sebastianbergmann/php-code-coverage/vendor/SebastianBergmann/Version
- git clone --branch=master --depth=100 --quiet git:// vendor/pear-core
- git clone --branch=trunk --depth=100 --quiet git:// vendor/console-getopt
script: php -d include_path=vendor/php-text-template:vendor/php-token-stream:vendor/php-file-iterator:vendor/phpunit:vendor/phpunit-mock-objects:vendor/php-timer:vendor/php-invoker:vendor/pear-core:vendor/console-getopt:vendor:. ./vendor/phpunit/phpunit.php --configuration ./build/travis-ci.xml
email: false
irc: ""
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