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filter LOC count #23

aimfeld opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Hi there,

Thanks for providing such a great tool :). I have a suggestion to make the lines of code (LOC) count and the Cyclomatic Complexity / LOC measures more comparable between projects. I suggest filtering out empty lines and lines containing only { or }. The code formatting currently confounds these measures quite a lot. These snippets should give the same Complexity / LOC measure.

if ($condition) {
   echo "Hello";
   echo "There";

if ($condition)
    // Boy, I like to comment everything
    echo "Hello";

    // even if it doesn't make sense
    echo "There";

It's not really "CCN / LOC" but "CCN / ELOC" (when Bytekit is available) or "CCN / NCLOC" (when Bytekit is not available.

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