Added greaterThan(x) invocation matcher #92

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This is something that I would have a use for and so I thought others may have as well. I have not yet added an alias method to PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase since it's in a different repo. If this is something you have interest in, I'm also happy to add GreaterThanOrEqualTo, FewerThan, and FewerThanOrEqualTo matchers as well.


+1 but I prefer to say atLeast rather than great than, at most rather than fewer etc. Would love to have these too. What do you think @sebastianbergmann?


068ba6c adds PHPUnit_Framework_MockObject_Matcher_InvokedAtLeastCount / PHPUnit_Framework_MockObject_Matcher_InvokedAtMostCount and sebastianbergmann/phpunit@d20d40f adds atLeast() / atMost().

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