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PHPUnit 3.6

This is the list of changes for the PHPUnit 3.6 release series.

PHPUnit 3.6.7

  • Fixed #452: Regression when using (deprecated) AllTests.php approach to organize test suites.

PHPUnit 3.6.6

  • Improved exception message in PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite::__construct().
  • Improved failure messages for exception expectations.
  • @expectedExceptionCode may now be 0.
  • Test output now is included as an output element in the JSON logfile.
  • Fixed #445: Assertions on output did not work in strict mode.
  • Fixed stacktraces on Windows wrongly showing the PHPUnit files.

PHPUnit 3.6.5

  • Implemented #406: Improved the failure description for assertStringMatchesFormat*().
  • Fixed #204: Bootstrap script should be loaded before trying to load testSuiteLoaderClass.
  • Fixed #413: PHPT test failures display double diffs.
  • Fixed #420: Using the @outputBuffering enabled annotation leads to failing tests when an output string was expected.
  • Fixed #430: OutputTestCase did not work with @depends. Please note that this way of output testing is still deprecated.
  • Fixed #432: Process Isolation did not work when PHPUnit is invoked through Apache Ant, for instance, due to PHP binary detection issues.
  • Fixed #433: Testing output always printed the output during test execution.

PHPUnit 3.6.4

  • Fixed #244: @expectedExceptionCode may now be a string.
  • Fixed #264: XML test suite configuration using <file> tags failed when PHPUnit was run from another directory.
  • Fixed #306: Assertions with binary data caused problems. Strings with non-printable characters will now be shown in hexadecimal representation.
  • Fixed #328: Parsing of one line annotations did not work.
  • Fixed #407: $_SERVER['_'] was not utilized properly to specify the PHP interpreter used for process isolation.
  • Fixed #411: Do not swallow output printed from test(ed) code by default.

PHPUnit 3.6.3

  • Fixed #386: <php><env> in XML configuration file does not call putenv().
  • Fixed --coverage-php not working from the XML configuration.
  • Fixed --coverage-text producing a notice in some cases when used from the XML configuration

PHPUnit 3.6.2

  • Fixed #391: Code Coverage does not work when no XML configuration file is used.

PHPUnit 3.6.1

  • Implemented #395: --debug now prints the output of tests for debugging purposes.
  • Fixed #394: Backwards compatibility break with regard to comparison of numeric values.
  • Fixed --coverage-php and --coverage-text.

PHPUnit 3.6.0

  • Added assertCount() and assertAttributeCount() as well as assertNotCount() and assertAttributeNotCount() to assert the number of elements in an array (or Countable or Iterator objects).
  • Added assertSameSize() and assertNotSameSize() to assert that the size of two arrays (or Countable or Iterator objects) is the same.
  • Added returnSelf() to ease the stubbing and mocking of fluent interfaces.
  • Added an option to disable the check for object identity in assertContains() and related methods.
  • Implemented comparator framework (used by assertEquals(), for instance) and improved test failure output.
  • Implemented #63: Invalid @covers annotations should produce a test error instead of aborting PHPUnit.
  • Implemented #82: Test Skeleton Generator should create @covers annotations.
  • Implemented #83: Test errors and failures as well as incomplete and skipped tests now get coloured letters in the test progress.
  • Implemented #88: @expectedException (and setExpectedException()) no longer accept Exception as the expected exception class.
  • Implemented #126: Show used configuration file.
  • Implemented #189: Add @requires annotation to specify the version of PHP and/or PHPUnit required to run a test.
  • assertEquals() now looks for (and invokes) a __toString() method when an object and string are compared.
  • setUpBeforeClass() and tearDownAfterClass() are no longer invoked when all tests of the class are skipped.
  • Using the @small (alias for @group small), @medium (alias for @group medium), and @large (alias for @group large) annotations, a test can now be marked to be of a certain size. By default, a test is "small".
  • A test must not @depend on a test that is larger than itself.
  • In strict mode, the execution of a small test is (by default) aborted after 1 second (when the PHP_Invoker package is installed and the pcntl extension is available).
  • In strict mode, the execution of a medium test is (by default) aborted after 10 seconds (when the PHP_Invoker package is installed and the pcntl extension is available).
  • In strict mode, the execution of a large test is (by default) aborted after 60 seconds (when the PHP_Invoker package is installed and the pcntl extension is available).
  • In strict mode, a test must not print any output.
  • Any output made by a test is now "swallowed".
  • @ticket is now an alias for @group.
  • Added --printer to specify a class (that extends PHPUnit_Util_Printer and implements PHPUnit_Framework_TestListener) to print test runner output.
  • Added -h as alias for --help and -c as alias for --configuration.
  • Added an option to disable the caching of PHP_Token_Stream objects during code coverage report generation to reduce the memory usage.
  • assertType() and assertNotType() as well as assertAttributeType() and assertAttributeNotType() have been removed. assertInternalType() should be used for asserting internal types such as integer or string whereas assertInstanceOf() should be used for asserting that an object is an instance of a specified class or interface.
  • The PHPUnit_Extensions_OutputTestCase functionality has been merged into PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase.
  • The PHPUnit_Extensions_Story_TestCase functionality has been moved to a separate package (PHPUnit_Story).
  • The PHPUnit_Util_Log_DBUS functionality has been moved to a separate package (PHPUnit_TestListener_DBUS).
  • The PHPUnit_Util_Log_XHProf functionality has been moved to a separate package (PHPUnit_TestListener_XHProf).
  • The --wait functionality has been removed.
  • The syntax check functionality has been removed.
  • The XML configuration file is now the only way to configure the blacklist and whitelist for code coverage reporting.
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