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PHPUnit 3.7

This is the list of changes for the PHPUnit 3.7 release series.

PHPUnit 3.7.0

  • PHPUnit 3.7 is only supported on PHP 5.3.3 (or later) and PHP 5.4.6 (or later) is highly recommended.
  • Implemented #200: When using process-isolation don't die silently when unserializing the test result fails.
  • Implemented #206: Added a callback constraint that is useful for making complex assertions.
  • Implemented #207: Restore current working directory if is changed by a test case.
  • Implemented #208: Added --test-suffix that allows specifying which filename suffixes are recognised by PHPUnit.
  • Implemented #295: assertArrayHasKey() and assertArrayNotHasKey() now work with objects that implement ArrayAccess.
  • Implemented #333: Improved reporting when there are unused CLI arguments to avoid misconceptions.
  • Implemented #377: Show messages and stracktraces in JSON output for skipped and incomplete tests.
  • Implemented #424: Added assertJson* functions that work like the existing assertXml* functions.
  • Implemented #492: PHPUnit now provides a configuration.xsd schema file at that can be used to validate your phpunit.xml and phpunit.xml.dist configuration files.
  • Implemented #504: Expanded the @requires annotation to allow for checking the existence of functions and extensions using multiple @requires function name statements.
  • Implemented #508 #86: @expectedExceptionCode and @expectedExceptionMessage can now use constants like Classname::CONST as their parameters. They will get evaluated if the class constant exists and used for comparison so test authors can avoid duplication.
  • Implemented #512: Test listeners now trigger one autoload call instead of being silently ignored when the class was not loaded.
  • Implemented #514: Failed assertStringMatchesFormat() calls now produce a better readable diff by only marking lines as different that don't match the format specifiers.
  • Implemented #515: Added assertContainsOnlyInstancesOf() to help checking Collection objects and arrays with a descriptive assertion.
  • Implemented #561: When an @expectedException fails it now shows the message of the thrown exception to ease debugging.
  • Implemented #586: Improved reporting of exceptions by printing out the previous exception names, messages and traces.
  • The @requires annotation can now be used on the class DocBlock. Required versions can be overridden in the methods annotation, required functions and extensions will be merged.
  • Added processUncoveredFilesFromWhitelist configuration setting. When enabled, uncovered whitelisted files are processed to properly calculate the number of executable lines.
  • Fixed #322 #320 thanks to #607: Commandline option now override group/exclude settings in phpunit.xml
  • Fixed #440: Possible crash when using --process-isolation with PHP 5.3 and detect_unicode=on.
  • Fixed #523: assertAttributeEquals() now works with classes extending internal classes like ArrayIterator.
  • It is possible again to expect the generic Exception class.
  • Removed addUncoveredFilesFromWhitelist configuration setting.
  • Removed deprecated --skeleton-class and --skeleton-test switches. The functionality is now provided by the phpunit-skel command of the PHPUnit_SkeletonGenerator package.
  • Removed deprecated PHPUnit_Extensions_OutputTestCase class.
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