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Changes in PHPUnit 6.0

All notable changes of the PHPUnit 6.0 release series are documented in this file using the Keep a CHANGELOG principles.

6.0.0 - 2017-02-03


  • Merged #2344: Add support for annotations on traits
  • Added the PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase::createTestProxy() method for creating test proxies
  • Added the --dont-report-useless-tests commandline option
  • Added the --globals-backup commandline option


  • PHPUnit's units of code are now namespaced
  • PHPUnit is now strict about useless tests by default
  • The configuration generated using --generate-configuration now includes forceCoversAnnotation="true"
  • Global and super-global variables are no longer backed up before and restored after each test by default
  • PHPUnit\Framework\Assert::fail() now increments the assertion counter
  • setUpBeforeClass() is now invoked after all methods annotated with @beforeClass
  • setUp() is now invoked after all methods annotated with @before
  • Added addWarning() method to PHPUnit\Framework\TestListener interface
  • The logfile format generated using the --log-junit option and the <log type="junit" target="..."/> configuration directive has been updated to match the current format used by JUnit. Due to this change you may need to update how your continuous integration server processes test result logfiles generated by PHPUnit.
  • The binary PHAR is now binary-only and cannot be used as a library anymore
  • .phar files that are to be loaded as a PHPUnit extension must now have a valid manifest.xml file
  • Renamed the PHPUnit_Extensions_PhptTestCase class to PHPUnit_Runner_PhptTestCase
  • The PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase::getMockObjectGenerator() method is now private


  • Removed PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase::getMock() (deprecated in PHPUnit 5.4)
  • Removed PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase::getMockWithoutInvokingTheOriginalConstructor() (deprecated in PHPUnit 5.4)
  • Removed PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase::setExpectedException() (deprecated in PHPUnit 5.2)
  • Removed PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase::setExpectedExceptionRegExp() (deprecated in PHPUnit 5.6)
  • Removed PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase::hasPerformedExpectationsOnOutput() (deprecated in PHPUnit 4.3)
  • Removed the PHPUnit_Extensions_GroupTestSuite class
  • Removed the PHPUnit_Extensions_PhptTestSuite class
  • Removed the PHPUnit_Extensions_RepeatedTest class
  • Removed the PHPUnit_Extensions_TestDecorator class
  • Removed the PHPUnit_Extensions_TicketListener class
  • Removed the PHPUnit_Util_Log_JSON class
  • Removed the PHPUnit_Util_Log_TAP class
  • Removed the PHPUnit_Util_Test::getTickets() method
  • Removed the checkForUnintentionallyCoveredCode configuration setting (deprecated in PHPUnit 5.2)
  • Removed the --log-json commandline option (deprecated in PHPUnit 5.7)
  • Removed the --log-tap and --tap commandline options (deprecated in PHPUnit 5.7)
  • Removed the --no-globals-backup commandline option
  • Removed the --report-useless-tests commandline option
  • Removed the --self-update and --self-upgrade commandline options (deprecated in PHPUnit 5.7)
  • DbUnit is no longer bundled in the PHAR distribution of PHPUnit
  • PHPUnit is no longer supported on PHP 5.6