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@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ PHPUnit 3.5.0
* Implemented TRAC-948: Add D-BUS test listener.
* Implemented TRAC-967: Only populate whitelist when code coverage is used.
* Added `assertStringMatchesFormat()` and `assertStringNotMatchesFormat()` as well as `assertStringMatchesFormatFile()` and `assertStringNotMatchesFormatFile()` for `EXPECTF`-like (`run-tests.php`) format string matching.
+* Added support for the [XML format of mysqldump]( to the database extension.
* Added the `verbose` attribute to the `<phpunit>` element of the XML configuration file.
* The `--log-metrics` and `--log-pmd` switches have been removed. Their functionality has been or will be merged into [PHP_Depend]( and [PHPMD]( Details can be found [here](
* The `--ansi` switch has been removed, please use `--colors` instead.

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