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@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ PHPUnit 3.6.0
* Added `returnSelf()` to ease the mocking and stubbing of fluent interfaces.
* Implemented GH-82: Test Skeleton Generator should create `@covers` annotations.
* Implemented GH-83: Test errors and failures as well as incomplete and skipped tests now get coloured letters in the test progress.
+* Implemented GH-88: `@expectedException` (and `setExpectedException()`) no longer accept `Exception` as the expected exception class.
* `assertEquals()` now looks for (and invokes) a `__toString()` method when an object and string are compared.
* `@ticket` is now an alias for `@group`.
* The `PHPUnit_Extensions_Story_TestCase` functionality has been removed.
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