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Added the changelog entry for #382.

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@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ PHPUnit 3.8.0
* Implemented #758: Show a proper stack trace when @expectedException fails due to a unexcepted exception being thrown.
* Implemented #711: `coverage-text` now has an XML `showOnlySummary` option.
* Implemented #719: The `--stderr` flag now respects `--colors` and `--debug`.
+* Implemented #382: Added the `$options` parameter to `PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase::getMockFromWsdl()` for configuring the `SoapClient`.
* A test will now fail in strict mode when it uses the `@covers` annotation and code that is not expected to be covered is executed.
* Fixed #240: XML strings are escaped by removing invalid characters.
* Fixed #261: `setUp()` and `setUpBeforeClass()` are run before filters are applied.

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