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Outsource PHPUnit_Selenium XML definitions #528

giorgiosironi opened this Issue · 4 comments

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How can we bring this:
into PHPUnit_Selenium? It would be more easy to extend as also Selenium2TestCase will need configuration.


As it is part of the phpunit xml configuration file that could prove a little difficult as we'd need a way for extensions to define their own config values or allow access to the (preferably already parsed and merged) xml configuration.

I need to look at the code a little more but it should be doable and the time seems right :)


The browser configuration is only needed when phpunit-selenium is there anyways. Would you be fine with having a PHPUnit_Extensions_SeleniumTestCase::getSeleniumBrowserConfiguration($configuration) ? Or have the method on some oether selenium class.

Having a generic way for plugins to do config stuff would be nice but since this needs to be B/C anyways I could go for a hack here?


Yes, getSeleniumBrowserConfiguration() could be moved, but the scope of the methods it uses is not accessible from PHPUnit_Selenium classes (e.g. getInteger() is protected).


Closing due to #1686.

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