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assertContains is not type-safe for (non-object) primitive types #745

farnoux opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Currently the $checkForObjectIdentity parameter, as its name indicates, only check identity for object elements. Is there any reason the assertContains() method doesn't check identity also for primitive types?


$this->assertContains('hello', array(10, 45, 0)); // Success :(

This assert is unexpectedly successful due to the fact that 0 == 'hello' returns true.
This is successful whatever the value of the $checkForObjectIdentity parameter, because it only applies for elements of type Object.

@whatthejeff whatthejeff closed this issue from a commit
@farnoux farnoux Allow identity checking for non object types in TraversableContains a…

This fixes #745.
The possibility to check identity for non object is done by adding a new optional parameter.
This comes in addition to the existing one that already allow to check object identity or not.
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