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require_once is missed in PHPUnit/Framework/MockObject/Matcher/InvokedAtLeastOnce.php #92

yegor256 opened this Issue · 5 comments

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File PHPUnit/Framework/MockObject/Matcher/InvokedAtLeastOnce.php misses a very important line:

require_once 'PHPUnit/Framework/MockObject/Matcher/InvokedRecorder.php';


PHPUnit uses autoloading.


Why other files have require_once instructions?

PHPUnit 3.4.14 doesn't work properly with Phing 2.4. I had to downgrade it back to 3.4.0 to make it working. Everything because of the autoloading, which is not working for some reason in Phing.


I think that there should be some consistency. Either autoloading everywhere or require_once everywhere.


PHPUnit 3.4 is an old version that is no longer supported.


My fault, sorry. Thanks for your help.

This issue was closed.
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