Realtime Test Reporting Support for TeamCity #536

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Just tested on TeamCity Professional 7.0.1 (build 21326)
phpunit (with this file in include path) should be run like this: phpunit --printer PHPUnit_Framework_TeamCity_TestListener

So I want to share this feature.

Just find that it can be also provided in XML configuration and maybe if you'll accept pull request listener should be moved to Extensions namespace?


sebastianbergmann commented Apr 9, 2012

I do not want to add new test/ticket listeners etc. to the base package. Your listener should go into a separate package that can be optionally installed. Have a look at or

Right, thx for advice.

Is there any plugins listings where I have to add new one?

Thx, but where 3rd parties extensions should be listed? For example if I have one and it's available as PEAR package now, where I should add it?

There is no other place where additional packages are listed (yet). Feel free to fork the phpunit-documentation repository and add your package there.

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