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Fix the fatal-isolation test on my environment. #772

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I'm not sure this is actually right, but the fatal-isolation test fails for me in PHP 5.5 with and without xdebug.

This seems to fix the issue, but I presume that %s was there for a reason.

@sebastianbergmann sebastianbergmann merged commit 562045c into from
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Commits on Jan 8, 2013
  1. @LawnGnome
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  1. +0 −3  Tests/TextUI/fatal-isolation.phpt
3  Tests/TextUI/fatal-isolation.phpt
@@ -29,9 +29,6 @@ There was 1 error:
1) FatalTest::testFatalError
PHPUnit_Framework_Exception: %s error: Call to undefined function non_existing_function() in %s
Caused by
ErrorException: unserialize(): Error at offset %i of %i bytes
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