Release Announcement for PHPUnit 4.6.0

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The PHPUnit development team announces the immediate availability of PHPUnit 4.6.0. This release adds new features and fixes bugs. A detailed list of changes is available here.

New Features

  • PHPUnit can now optionally mark a test as risky when global variabes, super-global variables, or static attributes in user-defined classes are modified during the execution of a test. You can use the --strict-global-state command-line option and the beStrictAboutChangesToGlobalState configuration setting for enabling this check.


  • The PHAR build of PHPUnit no longer uses an autoloader to load PHPUnit's own classes and instead statically loads all classes on startup. While this has the potential to slightly increase the memory footprint of PHPUnit it does fix problems such as #1599.

Obtaining PHPUnit 4.6

We distribute a PHP Archive (PHAR) that contains everything you need in order to use PHPUnit. Simply download it from here, make it executable, and put it into your $PATH, for instance.

Alternatively, you may use Composer to download and install PHPUnit as well as its dependencies.


PHPUnit 4.6 requires PHP 5.3.3; using the latest version of PHP is highly recommended. The documentation has a detailed list of the PHP extensions that are required to use PHPUnit.

Looking Ahead

The goal of our release process is to deliver new features into the hands of our users every two months. The following releases are currently in development:

  • PHPUnit 4.7 is the current beta release series of PHPUnit. It will become stable on June 5, 2015.
  • PHPUnit 4.8 is the current alpha release series of PHPUnit. It will go into beta on June 5, 2015.
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