A solid boilerplate to help you get up and running in a new project
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zerosixthree boilerplate

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Boilerplate for your projects made with Gulp, Sass, Lost and Browserify.


  • No styling at all, this is a completely bare boilerplate containing only the essential things you need
  • A solid Sass and Javascript structure and starting point
  • CSS helper classes
  • Commonly used CSS components such as the Media Object and the Flag Object
  • A Gulpfile with all your basic needs (Sass/Browserify, local server, minification)
  • Component based file and folder structure to help create maintainable CSS
  • A Sass library of commonly used mixins
  • Included libraries:


Getting started

Step 1. Install NodeJS

Step 2. Install Gulp

npm install --global gulp

Step 3. Install the npm dependencies

cd path/to/project
npm install

Step 4. Run Gulp's default task


Gulp tasks

There are two Gulp tasks; gulp and gulp --production.

gulp is the default task which will concatenate all Javascript files in to dist/js/script.js. The task will also concatenate the Sass files into dist/css/style.css, as well as running autoprefixer on the outputted CSS. It will also start a local server, as well as watching all the Sass/JS files and autoreload the browser upon change.

gulp --production is the production task and will do everything the default task does, as well as compressing the JS and CSS files.


The code is available under the MIT license.