Launchbar 6 action to convert a HEX Color string into UIColor
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UIColor Converter.lbaction/Contents


LaunchBar 6 action to convert a HEX Color string into a UIColor String.

HEX to UIColor

and with alpha

Enter a HEX color string and the alpha value, select your preferred output and holding down the ⌘–key while pressing return to paste the result in your editor.


  • Just double click the UIColor Converter.lbaction file
  • Click the "Install" button and you are ready to go

All your Launchbar 6 actions are stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Launchbar/actions

Version History


  • new select the preferred output, hold cmd and press enter. the result will be pasted in your editor
  • improved result handling
  • fixed swift output format


  • just started