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Tiny CLI script to generate the google drive access token
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PHPBU Google Drive utility

With this cli script you can create a Google Drive access token file that is required by PHPBU to sync your files to Google Drive.

Also it lists the names and IDs of your Google Drive files and directories. The ID of the directory where you want to store your backups is needed for your phpbu configuration.

All you need is a Google api client json credential file that you can easily generate online in you Google account settings.


There are two ways to install the phpbu Google Drive utility.


composer require phpbu/google-drive-util


git clone
cd phpbu-google-drive


phpbu-gdu [client_secret.json] [client_access.json]

The first argument is the path to you local client_secret.json that you have generated in Google account settings. If you do not provide the argument it defaults to ./client_secret.json.

The second argument is the path where the access token should be stored. If not provided it defaults to ./client_access.json.

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