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#jSCSI - A Java iSCSI Framework

jSCSI is a feature-complete iSCSI implementation in Java only. Platform-independent and fast, jSCSI represents a premium example how low-level protocols can be pushed to higher levels. jSCSI contains a server (target), a client (initiator) and common classes to work with the protocol.

Build Status

##Using jSCSI

  • Get the latest jar over Github or Maven
  • Use the target and/or the initiator-interfaces in your project

Note that the target is capable to run on its own while the initiator can only be utilized as library. To run the target, please execute:

mvn SCHEMA.xsd CONFIG.xml

The schema and an example config are accessible as download as well and included under bundles/target/src/main/resources .

For further documentation and as an example, please refer to the examples in the initiator- and target-module.


  • README: this readme file
  • LICENSE: license file
  • bundles: bundles containing the projects
  • pom.xml: Simple pom (yes we use Maven)


This work is released in the public domain under the BSD 3-clause license

##Further information

The project is currently under refactoring, the documentation is accessible under (pointing to and a mailinglist has been set up:


  • A TechReport describes the second iteration of the framework: PDF
  • The framework was presented at the Jazoon '07 as work in progress: PDF
  • jSCSI acted as backend for a block visualization presented at the InfoVis 2006: PDF

##Concluded Thesis

  • Target 1.0 (english): TO FOLLOW
  • Initiator 2.0 (german only): PDF
  • Storage Pool (german only): PDF
  • Initiator 1.0 (english): PDF

Any questions, just contact sebastian.graf AT

##Involved People

jSCSI is maintained by:

  • Sebastian Graf (Current Project Lead)

Former people include:

  • Andreas Rain (Testing)
  • Nuray Gürler (Websites Refactoring)
  • Andreas Ergenzinger (jSCSI 2.0, target)
  • Patrice Brend'amour (jSCSI 2.0, initiator)
  • Marcus Specht (jSCSI target evaluation)
  • Halddor Janetzko (Whiskas Block Visualization)
  • Marc Kramis (Project Lead until 2007)
  • Bastian Lemke (Storage Pool)
  • Volker Wildi (jSCSI 1.0, initiator)