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#Treetank - Secure Treebased Storage

Treetank stores data securely by applying different layers on the stored data. Flexible handling of flat as well as tree-based data is supported by a native encoding of the tree-structures ongoing with suitable paging supporting integrity and confidentiality to provide throughout security.

Secure in this context includes integrity-checks, confidentiality with tree-aware key handling, versioning to provide accountability. Furthermore, different backends are provided while a binding to different cloud-infrastructures is in progress.

Build Status


  • README: this readme file
  • LICENSE: license file
  • coremodules: Bundles containing main treetank functionality
  • interfacemodules: Bundles implementing third-party interfaces
  • studentmodules: Bundles containing student projects
  • scripts: bash scripts for syncing against disy-internal repo.
  • pom.xml: Simple pom (yes we do use Maven)

##Further information

The documentation so far is accessible under (pointing to

The framework was presented at various conferences and acted as base for multiple publications and reports:

  • Versatile Key Management for Secure Cloud Storage; DISCCO'12: PDF
  • A legal and technical perspective on secure cloud Storage; DFN Forum'12: PDF
  • A Secure Cloud Gateway based upon XML and Web Services; ECOWS'11, PhD Symposium: PDF
  • Treetank, Designing a Versioned XML Storage; XMLPrague'11: PDF
  • Hecate, Managing Authorization with RESTful XML; WS-REST'11: PDF
  • Rolling Boles, Optimal XML Structure Integrity for Updating Operations; WWW'11, Poster: PDF
  • JAX-RX - Unified REST Access to XML Resources; TechReport'10: PDF
  • Integrity Assurance for RESTful XML; WISM'10: PDF
  • Distributing XML with focus on parallel evaluation; DBISP2P'08: PDF

Any questions, just contact sebastian.graf AT


This work is released in the public domain under the BSD 3-clause license

##Involved People

Treetank is maintained by:

  • Sebastian Graf (Treetank Core & Project Lead)

Concluded subprojects were:

  • Andreas Rain (Binding to Filesystems and iSCSI (over jSCSI) and Implementing graphical user interface)
  • Nuray Gürler (Maven Websites)
  • Patrick Lang (Encryption layer)
  • Johannes Lichtenberger (Visualization of temporal trees and Evaluation of several versioning approaches)
  • Wolfgang Miller (Binding of Treetank to cloud backends)
  • Lukas Lewandowski (Jax-RX binding)
  • Tina Scherer (native XPath2 engine)
  • Marc Kramis (first draft1 of Treetank core)


Secure Treebased Storage







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