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Kirby3 Selfauth

A modified version of Selfauth as a Kirby 3 plugin. Provides self-hosted authentication for the IndieAuth protocol (read more).

Hacky. Use at own risk. Issues/PRs welcome.

Alternatively, you may set up IndieAuth using a third-party service, as described in this Cookbook recipe.


While the original Selfauth is based on using a dedicated password-based login, this version relies on the Kirby user login.

  • The configuration routine (from setup.php) has been reduced to the essentials needed for setting up with Kirby: no setting of a password, no auto-creation of a config.php file
  • Instead of the config.php file, configuration is stored in the config options at site/config/config.php
  • When not logged in, only verification requests by other clients are processed; the later parts of the code (anything related to login/authentication) are only executed after logging in to Kirby
  • Internally, the Kirby user ID is used instead of a password; this allows to tie the configuration to one user only (i.e. the user who runs the initial setup; other users on the same site can not use IndieAuth)
  • No authentication password has to be entered when authenticating a client (since the user is already identified via Kirby); the password field in the form has been hidden and carries a dummy text, to minimize rewrite need of the application logic
  • Minor changes to some error messages
  • Removed some redundancies/checks for old PHP versions, as Kirby always runs on PHP 7

Installation and setup

Download and copy this repository to /site/plugins/kirby3-selfauth.

Add <?= selfauthEndpoint() ?> to your template's HTML <head> (often located at site/snippets/header.php or similar).

Visit https://your-domain.tld/auth-setup in your browser, log in if not already logged in, and copy the output into your options array at site/config/config.php.

Go to and enter your website URL to the "Try it" field. Your browser will lead you through the authentication flow, and return debug info or a "You Successfully Authenticated!" page.


The plugin can be configured with optional settings in your site/config/config.php.

Authentication endpoint

To change the URL of the authentication endpoint (default is https://domain.tld/auth), add the following setting and change the string as desired:

'sgkirby.selfauth.endpoint' => 'auth',

The URL of the setup URL changes accordingly (it always is the value of sgkirby.selfauth.endpoint plus -setup).


This is an adaptation of the brilliantly simplistic Selfauth, hence main credit goes to its contributors. This does not include any bugs I may have introduced ...they are mine alone.


Kirby 3 Selfauth is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

Copyright © 2020 Sebastian Greger

It is discouraged to use this plugin in any project that promotes the destruction of our planet, racism, sexism, homophobia, animal abuse, violence or any other form of hate speech.


A modified version of Selfauth as a Kirby 3 plugin.







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