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Kirby 3 plugin for sending webmentions and pingbacks
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Kirby 3 Sendmentions

⚠️ This is work in progress, created for my personal use; at this stage use with caution, but feel invited to comment, contribute or build upon!

The plugin attempts to send Webmentions to all URLs linked from a page's content when it is saved with status "listed". This notifies the receiving site that they have been linked to, and allows them to display these, if desired. If the target site does not provide a webmention endpoint, sending a pingback is attempted instead. As an option, the plugin can also request all linked pages to be archived on (option disabled by default; see "Setup" below).

Most websites that receive webmentions will not only verify the link, but parse the source page in order to determine post title, author info etc. Therefore, using the appropriate microformat markup - h-entry for blog posts - in your templates is strongly recommended.

For details about the approach and philosophy of this plugin, visit

NB. Plugin functionality only covers outgoing webmentions (notifying websites linked in content). Receiving webmentions from other sites and displaying them in page templates requires a separate solution, such as Kirby 3 Commentions.



Download and copy this repository to /site/plugins/kirby3-sendmentions.


To display a table of sent mentions in the Panel, add the following to the according blueprint in site/blueprints/pages:

    type: pings

By default, webmentions are sent for all pages as they are published. You may want to fine tune your setup using the available options below.


The plugin can be configured in your site/config/config.php:

Sending webmentions for specific templates only

By default, webmentions are sent for all pages as they are published; to limit the sending to specific templates, provide an array of template names to include

'sgkirby.sendmentions.templates' => [ 'default', 'article', 'event' ],

Saving linked pages to

By default, no URLs are sent to archive org for saving. To activate pinging for all templates, provide an empty array

'sgkirby.sendmentions.archiveorg' => [],

For more granular control, you may also limit pinging by providing an array of template names to include

'sgkirby.sendmentions.archiveorg' => [ 'default', 'article', 'event' ],


Plugin features

  • only send webmentions on pages with status "listed"
  • allow limitation to specific templates
  • fall back to sending Pingback, if no Webmention endpoint present
  • store target URL, timestamp, and HTTP code for every webmention sent
  • display list of sent webmentions in panel (optional, via blueprint)
  • ping with target URLs (optional, off by default)
  • passes all 23 endpoint discovery tests on (#23 still missing)


  • send webmentions asynchronously to avoid lag in panel when saving
  • resend webmentions after editing content ("update" webmentions; currently disabled to avoid spamming on fast-paced edits - can be buffered in asynchronous process)
  • send webmentions for deleted posts (or posts changed to other status than "listed"?)
  • send webmentions to URLs removed from content
  • find and implement best URL regex to scan for URLs in content
  • look for URLs in (customizable) fields other than the main content
  • reuse cached endpoint URLs for time period defined by HTTP headers
  • implement a size limit; not sending webmentions for extraordinarily huge pages


Kirby 3.1.3+


Inspiration and code snippets from:

Included vendor libraries:


Kirby 3 Sendmentions is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

Copyright © 2019 Sebastian Greger

It is discouraged to use this plugin in any project that promotes racism, sexism, homophobia, animal abuse, violence or any other form of hate speech.

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