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+I warned you ... this is my repository for code
+for a small Arduino based quadrocopter I am building.
+I don't expect this thing to fly very soon (some parts missing), but
+that doesn't stop me from playing with my Arduino and some sensors.
+Building a working quadrocopter for not too much money with the following features:
+* gyros and accelerometers to fly the thing
+* magnetometer to compensate drift in yaw axis
+* barometer for holding position (height)
+* LED show (8 RGB channels, 2 for each rim)
+* Buzzer
+* Voltage divider to check the battery voltage
+Future features:
+* GPS for position hold
+* ultrasonic/distance sensors for automatic landing and calibrating the barometer
+* camera for FPV-flights
+* GPS and camera possibly via strapped on Nexus S (enables sending commands via the network)
+pilot: the Arduino sketch
+libraries/BMP085: code for the barometer
+libraries/IMU3000: code for the imu3000 (gyro & accelerometer)
+libraries/LSM303DLH: code fot the magnetometer (compass)
+libraries/FreeIMU: code for the IMU-stuff ... not really working
+everything is forked from somewhere, I'll add the sources ... promised

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