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cd `dirname $0`
# For multi-node setups you need to change the -sname argument for every node
# and also set the master_node config option. The master node runs global
# services (sessions, message queue, events, and incoming mail) and should
# be specified as the atom NodeName@NodeHost
# If your server is running in an untrusted environment, you should probably
# change the cookie too. (All nodes in a cluster must have the same cookie.)
exec erl +K true -pa $PWD/ebin -pa /Library/WebServer/Documents/travelping/ChicagoBoss-0.6.10/ebin -pa /Library/WebServer/Documents/travelping/ChicagoBoss-0.6.10/deps/*/ebin \
-boot start_sasl -config boss -s boss -setcookie abc123 -detached \
-sname john