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Neovim/Deoplete auto-completion source for Rust via Racer.

Auto-completion: Screenshot auto-completion

Documentation: Screenshot documentation


Install Racer

with cargo

cargo install racer

from source

git clone; cd racer
cargo build --release

Copy binary to ./target/release/racer to a location of your choice. (e.g. to /usr/local/bin)

Get Rust source code

mkdir -p choose/a/path
git clone --depth=1

Install Deoplete

For details see the installation guide


with vim-plug

Plug 'sebastianmarkow/deoplete-rust'

with Vundle

Plugin 'sebastianmarkow/deoplete-rust'

with NeoBundle

NeoBundle 'sebastianmarkow/deoplete-rust'

with Pathogen

git clone --depth=1 path/to/vim/bundle/deoplete-rust

Configuration (init.vim)

Set fully qualified path to racer binary. If it is in your PATH already use which racer. (required)

let g:deoplete#sources#rust#racer_binary='/path/to/racer'

Set Rust source code path (when cloning from Github usually ending on /src). (required)

let g:deoplete#sources#rust#rust_source_path='/path/to/rust/src'

Show duplicate matches.

let g:deoplete#sources#rust#show_duplicates=1

To disable default key mappings (gd & K) add the following

let g:deoplete#sources#rust#disable_keymap=1

Set max height of documentation split.

let g:deoplete#sources#rust#documentation_max_height=20


Default key mappings

These are the default key mappings

nmap <buffer> gd <plug>DeopleteRustGoToDefinitionDefault
nmap <buffer> K  <plug>DeopleteRustShowDocumentation

Additional methods to bind

Method Action
DeopleteRustGoToDefinitionSplit Open definition in horizontal split
DeopleteRustGoToDefinitionVSplit Open definition in vertical split
DeopleteRustGoToDefinitionTab Open definition in new tab

gd Go to definition

Jump to definition of the current element under the cursor.

K Show documentation

Show brief description of the current element under the cursor. To close press either q, cr or esc.

Show help

You don't have to remember it all. Run :help deoplete-rust.


deoplete-rust is licensed under MIT License. For additional information, see LICENSE file.


Rust completion for Neovim (Deoplete) via Racer





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