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Android whitelists

This is a patchset for Android 4.3 (build JSS15J) that adds a protection scheme against the threats caused by dynamically loaded external code. See the corresponding paper at NDSS or this blog post for more information.

To try it out, get the sources for Android build JSS15J and make sure that you can compile the system. Then apply the patches to the respective subdirectories (e.g., apply frameworks_base.patch to frameworks/base in your Android sources). After building the system, you should only be able to run system apps. All others will be blocked by the protection system.

In order to allow additional code, you have to whitelist it (this is where the verification providers that we suggest in the paper come into play). Use the script create.py to translate a file containing SHA1 hashes into our binary representation. Then copy the result over to /data/whitelist/ on your device. It will be detected and loaded immediately.